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Silent Ears And Mouths, LLC

for the mind, body and soul

About S.E.A.M



We assist our authors in self-writing a prescription of healing.


We are aiming to heal one heart, mind, body and soul at a time.  


Don't get discouraged. 99% of manuscripts are accepted!

SEAM is an independent, therapeutic publishing company educating and writing the stories of the things that are SILENT in our communities. Examples are:

  • Bullying: on the job, at school, financially +
  • Families with disabilities: ADHD, PDD, ODD, hearing impairment, autism +
  • Abuse: Physical, mental, sexual, emotional +
  • Crimes against each other: Police brutality, light skin vs. dark skin,prison, child support +
  • Scare Tactics: News, social media, advertisements, radio +
  • The selling of false dreams: Preachers, car lots, income tax companies, life insurance companies +

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio; our goal is to provide specialized publishing services for the silent ears and mouths of our communities.  Each book is considered a prescription used to assist someone in their lives or communities on their healing journey.


Silent Ears and Mouths was founded by Diane Simmons.  She was a victim to molestation within her childhood. Sexual abuse. Rape. Physical, emotional, mental and psychological abuse throughout her life. Financial abuse. Depression. Anxiety. Panic attacks. Suicide and more for 14+years. 

Healing was said to be one of her most challenging discoveries because there was just...too...much...pain. Silent Ears and Mouths became her passion. Nyrari now; meaning "humble woman", no longer wanted the community to be silent about the things that's happening to them or has happened. She understood first hand how one feels embarrassed, ashamed and guilty. This isn't acceptable when you didn't cause that pain!

Watch the video to the right as Nyrari share a poem revealing what her life was like as a child. 

"A True Mothers' Teaching"

Our goals for you...
 Give back
Writing is therapeutic for healing. It releases your pain and stress. We all must extend our hand if given the opportunity. People are suffering from past traumatic experiences that they aren't aware of. There is strength in numbers. Not everyone is strong enough to handle life unexpected experiences. Especially if you are not equipped with the proper tools to deal with a heavy, emotional encounter. 

As you begin to delete those old files from your life you will make room to receive and embrace calm, loving and pleasant ones. 

After three years of healing through self-publishing and other techniques we want you to give back by joining our team. Complete the contact information if you are interested or would like to have more information.

We're here for you! Contact us!


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